Lilly Drumeva and her band, Lilly of the West, gave a concert at Vasko The Patch’s blues bar

Lilly of The WestThe Bulgarian country band met their fans at one of the cult venues in Sofia – Patches Blues Bar, owned by the famous Bulgarian musician, Vasko The Patch. The virtuoso musicians performed a unique mix of country, blues and jazz standards from the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. The band comprises Svoboda Bozduganova (upright bass), Yasen Vasilev (guitar), Misho Shishkov (Dobro guitar and harmonica) and Lilly Drumeva (lead vocalist and guitarist). Among the songs most liked by the audience is the ballad “If I were a carpenter”, which Lilly and Yasen performed together. Lilly of the West were supported by a special guest musician who plays the banjo. Collin Cutler is an American from North Carolina, who currently lives in Romania and works under the Fulbright program. He decided to visit Bulgaria and contacted Lilly, who invited him to participate in the concert. Collin Cutler and Lilly Drumeva’s partnership will continue, the two are planning tours in Romania. Collin also performed several solo banjo plays and a duet with Lilly, Kingston Trio’s emblematic song, Tom Dooley. The concert concluded with Bob Dylan’s hymn, Knocking on Heaven’s Door, with the audience singing along. A true celebration for country fans in Bulgaria.


Lilly of the West is the most successful Bulgarian country band, which was formed as early as 1996 in Sofia. After putting out a debut album, the musicians went to prestigious festivals in Europe and America. In 1998 they were voted “best country and bluegrass band of Europe”. They have also won prizes by the World Country and Bluegrass Association at Nashville. Lilly of the West have a rich repertoire that includes country, bluegrass, swing, jazz, Irish and Bulgarian folklore as well as nine albums, highly praised by international music magazines. The founder and front musician is Lilly Drumeva-O’Reilly. She is also a known journalist, producer, impresario and songwriter, author of the book “Mood with Lilly – Music in 50 Themes”.

Lilly Drumeva