Lilly Drumeva shot a new video in Romania

The Bulgarian country singer recently returned from Romania, where she shot a music video in Bucharest and Brasov. The song is titled “Ai suflet trist” (“You have a sad soul”) and is from her new album, Drumul (“The Road”), which contains songs in twelve languages. “Ai suflet trist” is a sad song about separation and the feelings associated with being disliked. The famous Romanian composer, Mircea Rusu, is its author. The clip was directed by the artist, Mariana Pakis, and shot by Sorin Latia. The shots were taken during Lilly’s concerts in Bucharest and Brasov, where she performed alongside the Romanian guitarist Andrei Rotaru. The song is already enjoying huge popularity and positive reception by musical critics. The video will be promoted in December at a famous club in Bucharest. You can see details here:

Lilly Drumeva is a singer, songwriter, founder and lead singer of the most successful Bulgarian country and bluegrass band – Lilly of the West. She is producer of ten studio albums, organizer of European tours, concerts and festivals. Lilly of the West have won prestigious awards at competitions in the Netherlands, France and the USA. For 20 years now Lilly Drumeva has been a pioneer of and driving force behind the development of country and bluegrass music on the Balkans. She is a board member in the European and World Country and Bluegrass Association, where she represents Eastern Europe. Lilly Drumeva is also a musical journalist who has more than 15 years of experience working for the BBC, Retro Radio, Radio Sofia, Horizont, Balkan Bulgarian Television and Radio Binar. She specialized in country and bluegrass music in the USA under the Fulbright program. She is also author of the book “Mood with Lilly – Music in 50 Themes”, which presents the genres of country, bluegrass, blues, swing, rock and roll as well as others. Additionally, Lilly Drumeva is a successful impresario who works with American and European artists. She is an organizer of the international sung poetry festival Sofia Singer Songwriter Fest.

Lilly Drumeva