Dear and kind

май 5, 2000
Lilly of The West

Трети албум на „Lilly of the West“, издаден през 2000 година.

  1. Early morning rain
  2. Lonesome pine
  3. Gillis mountain
  4. If wishes were horses
  5. Lonesome feeling
  6. Now it belongs to you
  7. Blue eyed Suzie
  8. Whisky before breakfast
  9. I’ll remember you love in my prayers
  10. Sto mi e milo I drago
  11. Daichovo horo
  12. Be thou my vision
Lilly of the WestDear & Kind

Open-minded bluegrass fans will get a kick out of this new release from Bulgaria’s first bluegrass band. The group features innocently fresh and heartfelt vocals from Lilly Drumeva backed by solid instrumental work with some unusual twists. Much of the material tends toward folk-country, and there are a couple of Bulgarian numbers that honor the band’s roots. Banjo player Rossen Hristov also plays Dobro and gaida (Bulgarian bagpipe). Guitarist Rayko Pepelanov uses a light touch and ornamentation more reminiscent of Irish music than of Tony Rice, yet his break on „I’ll Remember You Love in My Prayers“ would draw a burst of applause at any bluegrass festival” Acoustic Guitar magazine, USA

Review in Traditional Music Maker – Nov/Dec 2001

„It was on the now defunct CMR (Country Music Radio For Europe) that I was first introduced to Lilly Drumeva and her band, Lilly Of The West. CMR, like Radio Caroline, beamed out across Europe via the Astra Satellite and Lilly’s home country, Bulgaria, could receive the station. Eventually, I received a CD from Lilly and her band and it was ‘Dear & Kind.’

I was immediately impressed at the level of musicianship and devotion to traditional American music, as well as the Celtic strains in evidence. Lilly made a guest appearance on CMR at the same time as Australia’s Lynn Bowtell and, whilst it was essentially Lynn,s spot, I pulled in Lilly Drumeva to sing a duet and an impromptu Will The Circle Be Unbroken’ proved to be one of those magic moments in live radio.

Lilly Drumeva now lives in London and her first album has been revitalised as a current UK release. Bluegrass music – and this is what Lilly Of The West are essentially all about seems to transcend geographical boundaries and, in the hand of sensitive musicians, tends to be a common language. There exists here a total understanding of traditional British/American music and the slightly ‘accented’ English seems to add to the CDs overall appeal. It also helps that Lilly Drumeva is a beautiful woman, but, unlike so many of her Nashville counterparts, is a real musician and one who is able to interpret traditional American music in such a distinctive way. There seems to be a common ground between the music of Bulgaria – Lilly’s native land -and the Bluegrass music of Kentuck and it manifests itself perfectly throughout this wonderful album. There is something of Canada’s Rankin Family about Lilly Of The West, in their experimentation with Celtic sounds and, indeed, Lilly turns in a moving and wholly sympathetic rendition of Raylene Rankin’s ‘Gillis Mountain,’ while still being able to belt out an uptempo footstomper like Gretchen Peters’ ‘If Wishes Were Horses.’ It’s also extremely refreshing to hear Bulgarian folk songs like ‘Sto Mi E Milo I Drago’ and ‘Daichovo Horo’ being given the Bill Monroe treatment.

I know that Lilly and her band didn’t find it easy in Bulgaria and hope that now her fortunes have changed and she is living here in the UK, this delightful lady finds success. This particular album was first recorded in Studio 5, at the National Palace of Culture, in Sofia and mixed and mastered by Ivo Yanev and Roumyana Stoyanov, with cover design by Marianna Tcholakova. It should also be mentioned that Tsvetan Vlaykov, played bass and added vocals; Rossen Hristov, picked banjo, played Dobro and added vocals and Rayko Pepelanov, added extra guitar, mandolin and vocals. Lilly played acoustic guitar.
Highly recommended to lovers of real country music.“

-Bryan Chalker

Lilly Drumeva