Country with Lilly returns to the national radio on November 12th

The famous Bulgarian country singer and journalist, Lilly Drumeva, is to continue her music line on the Bulgarian National Radio with her thematic original segment – Country with Lilly – which will be broadcast every Saturday from two to three p. m. on the Hristo Botev program. 

Within the show, the host will present country music and related genres – bluegrass, rockabilly, country-rock, Western-swing, Americana etc. The show is the only one of its kind on the Balkans and it gives its audience the chance to become acquainted with this quality authentic music that is rarely heard on the radio. 

In the span of sixty minutes, Lilly Drumeva plays classic country as well as selects new country hits coming directly from Nashville, thanks to the World Country Association, of which the singer is a member. She gives us the best country songs on Billboard’s charts. 

Of course, the greatest country legends, such as Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson, are also featured. The show includes fun sections as well: „Riding to a Party“, „Come on, Lilly, Rockabilly“, “Country Cocktail”, “Country Cinema”, which set the mood and the specific Western atmosphere.

Having dedicated her life to this legendary genre, Lilly gives the listeners fresh information about the songs and performers, along with current news on the country scene. 

Country with Lilly already has a history on the Bulgarian National Radio. It first aired in 2007 on Radio Sofia and went on until 2013. The host’s library includes extensive musical resources, as well as a bumper and jingles featuring the beautiful voice of the famous Bulgarian actor Plamen Manasiev. There are plans to expand the format beyond music, by exploring American culture and lifestyle, travels, way of life, educational programs, scholarships, movies, fashion etc. Lilly Drumeva herself has completed the Fulbright program and regularly visits the USA. 

Lilly Drumeva-O’Reilly is a vocalist, songwriter, founder and lead singer of the most successful Bulgarian country and bluegrass band – Lilly of the West. She is producer of 12 studio albums, organizer of European tours, concerts and festivals. Lilly of the West have won prestigious awards at competitions in the Netherlands, France and the USA. For 25 years now Lilly Drumeva has been a pioneer of and driving force behind the development of country and bluegrass music on the Balkans. She is a board member in the European and World Country and Bluegrass Association, where she represents Eastern Europe. Lilly Drumeva is also a musical journalist who has more than 15 years of experience working for the BBC, Retro Radio, Darik Radio, Radio Sofia, Horizont, Balkan Bulgarian Television and Radio Binar. She specialized in country and bluegrass music in the USA under the Fulbright program. She is also author of the book “In the Mood with Lilly – 50 Music Themes”, which presents the genres of country, bluegrass, blues, swing, rock and roll, as well as others.

Lilly Drumeva